Our history

"Over 80 years of towel manufacturing experience and brand marketing"

Herbert Bertram Dickie establishes a towel weaving plant in Yarraville, Melbourne in 1927. Manufactures Dickies towels

Bond's Industries Limited, acquired by Commonwealth Weaving Mills in 1930 establishes a competitive company in Sydney and is renamed Dri Glo Towels. Manufactures Dri Glo towels

1940's & 1950's
The Palm Beach Towel Company is established in Adelaide in 1947 by Victor and Bert Barouch. The company specialises in jacquard weaving. British based Guthrie Group of Companies acquires the business and invests in an expansion program which includes a new weaving facility, additional looms and a dyehouse for both yarn and piece dyeing

Dri Glo and Dickies compete for market dominance. In 1967, Bonds Industries Limited launches a successful takeover of Dickies and manufactures Dickies and Dri Glo towels

Sudden tariff and quota reductions force local textile manufacturing to extremes. Bonds Industries rationalises the 2 plants and ceases manufacturing Dri Glo in Sydney in December 1975

Tara Towels, a division of National Textiles, relocates its factory to Devonport, Tasmania. Modern looms are installed and particular success is had with commercial and beach towel ranges. Australia's first combed cotton towel is developed and marketed to the commercial sector under the Cottonfield brand. In 1988 the Australian Management Team of Guthrie purchases the Australian division and it divides into two companies; Tascot Templeton Carpets and Palm Beach Towels, both then become 100% Australian owned companies

Palm Beach then purchases Bonds Weaving from Pacific Dunlop. The newly formed group is called Australian Weaving Mills and brands consist of Dickies, Dri Glo, Palm Beach, Cottonfield and Tara. In 1996 the business is acquired in a management assisted buyout by National Textiles Limited. The acquisition sees further upgrading of the weaving mill with new dyeing equipment, computer aided jacquard weaving, automated sewing and the construction of a large finished goods warehouse

Licence acquired for Esprit Home Australasia - Bath

Australian Weaving becomes the sole Australian manufacturer of towelling products when Canningvale ceases towel manufacture in Perth, Australia Licence acquired for Esprit Home Middle East - Bed and Bath

Licence acquired for Koala Blue Home - Bed and Bath

Licence acquired for Country Road Home - Bath
and Freckles - Bed, Bath & Beach